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The diPulse system allow you to restore muscle integrity,  reduce your recovery time and regain muscle activity, by increasing circulation, so oxygenated and nutrient rich blood is delivered to the muscles and metabolic waste is flushed out.  Adding diPulse NMES stimulation to physical training has the capacity to further enhance strength and muscular development by engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibers than the body itself can access voluntarily. You can also target and activate specific muscle fibers. Choosing to activate Type 1 fibers (slow twitch which are responsible for endurance) or Type 2 fibers (fast twitch which influence power and explosiveness), allows for enhanced fitness results and more efficient training.


The SMARTSKIN is a compression-based top and tights kit, featuring a dry carbon electrode smart textile providing powerful and consistent deep muscle stimulation (NEMS) and heart rate sensor. With the SMARTSKIN KIT, comprehensive training possibilities are limitless. Featuring carefully designed electrode placement for torso, upper and lower body stimulation points, all your workout needs are covered.NMES Group has over 20 years of extensive experience with muscular stimulation technology and applications. It is this wealth of experience that has been harnessed in developing the newly designed SMARTSTIM MODULE (muscle stimulation module) included within the kit. The SMARTSTIM MODULE by diPulse is a muscle stimulation module with wireless Bluetooth control. 

How Does diPulse work?

NMES is the magic behind diPulse, which is the delivery of an electrical current via the motor points of a muscle to stimulate muscle activation and create a muscle contraction. Essentially we are bypassing the brain in order to create a muscle contraction via the motor nerve, by mimicking the bodies natural process. With the diPulse system, we are able to choose from a multitude of programs what type of muscle activity we want to influence and which muscle fibers to develop.

Using NMES has previously been quite a task as it involved leads and wires to attach sticky electrodes to a cumbersome device. As a result, electrical stimulation has largely been used while static and with limited use and benefits. Here, diPulse has essentially provided a game-changer by integrating into textile allowing for maximum flexibility, opening up a whole new world of training possibilities. 

8 hours battery

The diPulse SMARTSTIM module has up to 8 hours battery power from a single charge. 


diPulse is non-invasive and wire-free since it is controlled by a fully intuitive smartphone app using Bluetooth.


diPulse technology can be integrated with CMT (Combined Muscle Training). Allowing for High Intensity Training.

App Controlled

diPulse uses a fully intuitive smartphone app to control the technology control. 

Machine Washable

The diPulse Smart textile technology is fully machine washable at 30° celsius. 

No replacement Pads

diPulse smart textile technology integrated seamlessly with a new dry carbon-electrode. So no more need for replacement pads.

What does the app do?

The powerful smartphone app offers the user greater diversity and flexibility allowing you to control your session. You can track, monitor and summarise your workout with the session summaries, as well as support for monitoring your heart. The app also allows you to updated your modules' firmware over-the-air. 

30 unique NMES programs

diPulse has created 30 unique NMES programs, designed to engage in specific muscle activation based on your needs to optimise every recovery and training session. From pre-warm up to Combined Muscle Training (CMT) and cool down, you can select full body NMES stimulation for a warm-up and cool down, to two functional muscle groups in CMT training or where required, isolate individual muscles for focused muscle stimulation and treatment.


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